The Book Matrix would like to thank you for over 1,000 Podcast Downloads in < 5 Months! Great job!
The number of podcast downloads nearly doubles every month!

Show Schedule
I post scheduled weekly podcasts on Wednesdays on my Podcast Feed. However, I often pre-release them here on this website as soon as I complete them. NOTE: The benefit of being a subscriber is to receive the bonus unscheduled podcasts.

Since many sites pull down the feed on a schedule, there should be predictable intervals based on whichever feed you use. For example the delay with iTunes is to post them the next day. Therefore, if you like consistency visit my Podcast Feed and if you like previews come here. 

We are currently in the race to 100. I will distinguish my first listener to reach 100 in any way they would like. Disclosing their real name or nick name on the air; participating on a podcast; and sending them an autographed copy of my book entitled Thunderstruck.

Author: The Book Matrix
Title: February 20 Shout Out
Plot: Announcing the new podcast release schedule

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