I post podcasts weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays (which often distribute to channels through feeds the next day). However, I have created this page for you and you alone my beloved podcast listeners!

I often create my podcasts in advance and schedule their release. Therefore, this page contains pre-release messages that I post before the scheduled date for your early listening pleasure.

Bear in mind they are subject to change as I often post them here to get early feedback before going live with them.

Author: Adam Fergusson
Title: When Money Dies
Plot: Journal entries from German citizens during their currency collapse
Notes:  A deep analysis of fiat currency failures

Author: Tom
Title: Toms Tunes
Plot: Sampler of the soundtracks I’ve made

Author: Tom Freedom
Title: Saving Dividend Chapter 5 - Don Corey
Plot: Introduces the founder of Dividend
Notes: Foreshadows the rest of the book

Author: Jonathan Edwards
Title: Sinners in the hands of an angry God
Plot: A message of warning for those who haven’t received Christ
Notes: A rare cautionary tell told before the disaster actually strikes.

Author: Tom Freedom
Title: Encouragement for your darkest hour
Plot: Dark hours often mark our most important life moments

Listen to "Encouragement for your darkest hour" on Spreaker.

Author: Tom Freedom
Title: Saving Dividend Chapter 4 - Hunter
Plot: We meet the guy who pushed Mary into the mineshaft
Notes: This chapter goes back in time two days before the incident

Listen to "Saving Dividend - Chapter 4 - Hunter" on Spreaker.

Author: Tom Freedom
Title: Aesop’s Fable - Listening can save your life
Plot: The Bat and the Weasels

Listen to "Aesop's Fables - Listening can save your life" on Spreaker.

Author: Tom Freedom
Title: Don’t listen to this one!
Plot: A podcast you shouldn’t listen to!

Listen to "Don't listen to this one!" on Spreaker.

Author: Tom Freedom
Title: Simply Irresistible - Chapter 6
Plot: How to confront fear and send it packing!

Listen to "Simply Irresistible - Chapter 6" on Spreaker.

Author: Aesop's Fans
Title: Aesop's Fables
Plot: A collection of 77 Fables that have endured the test of time
Note: Aesop's fables were so well respected they were placed into this collection by his fans

Listen to "Aesop's Fables - Part 1" on Spreaker.

Author: Tom Freedom
Title: Saving Dividend - Chapter 3
Plot: Don rushes Velma Corey to the hospital for sounding delirious

Listen to "Saving Dividend - chapter 3" on Spreaker.

Author: Eusebius
Title: Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History - Part 13
Plot: The life of Origen

Listen to "Summary of Eusebius Ecclesiastical History - Part 13" on Spreaker.

Author: The Bible Why Guy
Title: Why aren’t my prayers working?
Plot: An explanation that will surprise you (pleasantly)

Listen to "Why arent my prayers working?" on Spreaker.

Author: Tom Freedom and Virginia Dare
Title: Saving Dividend - Chapter 2
Plot: Mary is still stuck in the bottom of the mineshaft
Notes: She tells us about herself, and leaves a message for her family

Listen to "Saving Dividend - Chapter 2" on Spreaker.

Author: Eusebius
Title: Ecclesiastical History of the Church - Part 12
Plot: Two scenarios where authorities are forbidden to accept offerings
Notes: There are also two scenarios of divine torment in this study

Listen to "Eusebius Ecclesiastical History of the church - Part 12" on Spreaker.

The next scheduled release is Wednesday June 23, 2020 @ 10:00 AM EST

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