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Hospitals are full of physical cures but only real wisdom offers spiritual and emotional cures. And not just cures for anxiety and depression, but for poverty and mediocrity, for failure and paralysis — or even just boredom.

This website might initially strike you as overwhelming because it is the gateway for people (of all interests) to knowledge, entertainment and wisdom. But fear not! If you are courageous enough to take the first step, you will enter the matrix and suddenly everything will make sense. I encourage you to select the topic that appeals to you most. Because the decision you make today has the capacity to change your life forever!

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As a kid I hated school! Instead of conforming, I have rebooted it here. This is what school could have been like if school were cool. Making this your best opportunity to become a cool genius the fun way.

How this works!
You will notice that most pages present an audio library of podcasts arranged like books on a shelf. When you see something that interests you, you can click Synopsis to get more information. And the Full Transcripts contain not only the full text of the audio podcast, but links to source materials. While I know text can be magnetic, the audio is more entertaining and you can have both! Each and every podcast is designed to give you a big revelation (even if you are already familiar with the subject). The emphasis is on entertaining, encouraging and enlightening.

Below is a sampling of some of my most revelatory or entertaining messages.

A sample from the religion category:

Author: Moses
Title: The Bible on Soulmates (from Genesis 1-3)
Plot: Turns out there are two ways to become one!
Note: I guarantee you've never heard love explained like this!

Listen to "The Bible on Soulmates [31 Mins]" on Spreaker.

A sample from the Coronavirus category:
A podcast to sooth your Coronavirus fears and give you a fresh new perspective

A sample from the finance category:
During the 2008 credit collapse copies of this book sold for over $1,000 on eBay.

Author: Adam Fergusson
Title: When Money Dies
Plot: A collection of journal entries from citizens of Germany during their currency collapse (~1914)
Note: Though the content frequently resets with each new journal entry, the information is eye opening

Listen to "When Money Dies by Adam Fergusson [15 Mins] on Finance" on Spreaker.

A funny sample from the relationship category:

Author: Tom Freedom
Title: Simply Irresistible excerpt from Chapter 1 
Plot: Personal transformation into an object of desire (for men).
Notes: This podcast builds and gets funnier

Listen to "Simply Irresistible Chapter 1" on Spreaker.

A short funny thank you podcast for my listeners:

Author: The Book Matrix
Title: Today Only! A Grateful Shout Out to My Listeners
Plot: My funny way of saying thanks!
Note: I bet you didn't know I spoke so many languages

Listen to "Today Only! A grateful shout out to my listeners" on Spreaker.

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